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Hi, James Woodburn here.

I’m about to show you something you might find difficult to believe.

It’s a new trading system. It generates entry and exit signals, not just on stocks, but on indices and commodities too.

We’ve been testing this new system here in our office for the last four months. It’s been back-tested with close to 30 years’ worth of market data.

The numbers — well…they’re mind-blowing. I want you to see them for yourself. I’ll show you in just a second. I’m going to insist that you stick around to see them.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that once I’ve shown this to you, you’re going to be eager to have a go yourself.

It’s not often that we get to share a genuine breakthrough with our readers. But I’ll try to keep a lid on my excitement for long enough to go through everything with you in this presentation.

Then I’ll explain how you can be one of our first readers to put this new system to the test.

(In fact, you’ll be among the first in the country to try it out. I have a feeling you’ll want to…)

I want to start by showing you something you should be pretty familiar with.

This is a 10-year stock chart of BHP Group.

Check out the black line. That’s the stock price. I’ll tell you about the yellow band in a moment — that has to do with our new system.

Source: Thomas Meyer
NOTE: All figures shown above exclude
trading fees, taxes and dividends

What do you see?

You’ve got the huge run-up in the stock price in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. This was when Australia was flying. We were exporting tens of billions of dollars’ worth of iron ore to China every year at this point.

Then you’ve got that horrible-looking slump from 2011 onwards — when the mining boom started running out of steam…

…followed by a pickup in the stock price again, post-2016.

For some investors, this would be a horrible-looking chart!

Imagine holding the stock…then seeing all of those juicy, post-2008 gains handed back to the market.

And then imagine selling all your BHP shares at the end of 2015…when it looked like the stock was in freefall…only to see the price start going up again!

So how DID you feel?

Because, let’s face it, there’s a good chance you own BHP stock.

Or have owned it at some stage over the last 10 years.

It’s fair to suggest that we all have. It’s currently the biggest traded stock by value in Australia.

And it’s tracked by a bunch of institutional analysts, all trying to figure out where BHP’s stock price is headed next.

I’m sure all these people are super-smart.

They’re certainly well-paid.

But I’ve come to realise: They might as well be trying to predict the second coming of Jesus.

Let me show you why

Here’s another chart. Or, more accurately, another version of the same BHP chart…

Source: Thomas Meyer
NOTE: All figures shown above exclude
trading fees, taxes and dividends

See the green line?

See how it starts off by roughly tracking BHP’s stock price?

Now look at 2011…at the beginning of that big downturn.

BANG! The green line takes off like a rocket — and keeps going up.

It’s like a BHP trade from an alternate universe — the kind that exists in your trading dreams!

That — specifically, HOW IT DOES THAT — is the reason I’m sitting here talking to you today.

I have the answer and I’ll share it with you over the next few minutes.

But first, let me ask you something:

What if I could put you on that green line?


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