Hard Money Trader

Brian Chu’s Hard Money Trader helps readers trade some of the most exciting gold and silver plays on the ASX today.

For the first time ever, he shares his own proprietary ‘hard money’ stock trading system — based on the Lassonde Curve model, which tracks the life cycle of mining stocks. His aim is to help you get ready to trade the next phase of gold’s anticipated longer-term bull market in  search of substantial profits.

Brian goes beyond typical financial research by showing you which specific gold stocks to buy and sell via his unique system.

The aim is simple: To maximise the potential gains using stocks, the gold spot price, and even CFDs for those traders who want to up the stakes.

This is high-adrenaline, high-risk, high-reward trading.

It’s meant for small speculative stakes…in tiny, volatile gold stocks…for potentially extreme gains.

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